Favourite Find - August

Absolutely thrilled with this find, I originally picked it up as I was after some key pieces to take you from late summer through to autumn. This (what I thought was a 70's) western suede jacket ticked all the boxes. 

As always when preparing my listing I like to do my research, I was delighted to have picked up a Jo-o-kay piece. John and Kay Simpler from Oklahoma started business in the 50's and are known for producing great quality leather jackets and coats. It's always hard to tell the exact era of an item, but by looking at the clothing label on this jacket it does look like it's a 50's piece. The design of the label changes over the years and this looks like it's one of the very first. Finding a rare 50's piece is like striking gold on my vintage treasure hunt.

It's such a timeless piece and I hope someone gets even more years of enjoyment out of it. See full listing here.

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