Home Sweet Home

BIG NEWS!! I am super excited, my boyfriend and I have just bought our first house together! Yes I am a homeowner, and now bills come before new boots!!! *sad face*. We picked up our keys last week and have not stopped since. We currently have no furniture, crockery or fridge but that didn't stop us. The novelty of ordering a pizza to your new address is so much fun. A picnic rug, a pizza and a bottle of prosecco was all we needed to celebrate the first night in our new home!

This exciting new chapter of my life will bring a few new topics to my blog along side my outfit and fashion posts, there will also be a few vintage home and interior posts. I have been inspired by the lovely Emma Warren and her blog The Turquoise Door, a fellow boutique owner on ASOSMarketplace who has/is building her dream home in Bristol! 

I have been collecting bits and pieces for the last year or so and my bedroom currently resembles and antiques emporium. I can't wait to give everything it's own place. I'll be sharing my finds here on the blog, but before I can make it look pretty we have got the messy jobs to do! One of the perks of working from home is that you can do a spot of DIY on your lunch break! 

I'm excited to be keeping a little memoir of my progression here on my blog and I hope you enjoy seeing me make my house my home! 

This was not put together as an outfit post, but yes I am wearing my dungarees yet again. The co-ordinated couple look was totally unintentional - honest, but I do hope our taste in decor matches just as well as our wardrobes!


  1. awww yayyyy so excited for your future posts :) and so cute of you to mention my blog!
    Good luck with the house and enjoy it! eeeee exciting

    1. Thanks Emma. Looking forward to seeing the progress myself, at the moment we just seem to have made more mess! xox